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Create your best self and a delicious life. Take Mary B.’s hand while you journey through change, loss, fumbling, and contentment. Knowing More is a raw, honest, clear, and humane path for women of all ages. Celebrate life. Celebrate you.

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5 reviews for Knowing More Book

  1. Molly Hamman, BA, Behavior Specialist

    I keep Knowings handy. It serves as an anchor for my heart during moments I must find harmony

  2. Dr Timothy J Uhlmann, Psychologist and author.

    As evidenced by this little book, ‘pain is the price; peace is the prize’. A heart-centered love bomb by a pretty lady with unity consciousness…Hers is the voice of experience.

  3. Dr Teri Daunter, Psychologist/author/international speaker

    Mary Backlund focuses on the essential and the simple. We often forget the simple and complicate life unnecessarily. This author is on a directed spiritual journey and her expanded and evolved energy touches all those with whom she comes in contact….she is a veteran spiritual artist

  4. Marta Dennis, elementary school teacher

    This book of treasures is part of my ‘essentials’ bag when I kayak. I open it to any chapter and out flows wonder, love, joy, personal insights, and calm. What a way to start the day – warm sun, coffee, and inspiration.

  5. Erika K. Oliver, author of Three Good Things

    Reading Knowings I felt connected – not alone- for the first time in a long time. We are all in ‘this’ together and ‘this’ is good. Thank you, Mary, for sharing yourself and your gifts.

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