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The subject of apology seems to be nonexistent in our society; yet the need for apology is everywhere: at home, at work–even in national and international situations. For years, Sheila Quinn Simpson has been drawn to stories in which people’s lives would have changed for the better if only they had received or extended a sincere apology. Her intend in writing this book is to increase your awareness about the power you posses to wisely decide to change your life and the lives of others by simply saying , “I’m sorry.” This difficult action brings hope for change, growth, and renewal.

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6 reviews for Apology Book

  1. Bishop Patrick R. Cooney, Diocese of Gaylord, Michigan

    … I have seen the tragedies wrought because someone did not and would not apologize and ask for forgiveness. I found myself agreeing over and over with Sheila . . . I will recommend this book to many people.

  2. John Schneider, PhD, author, Psychotherapist and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, MSU, Dept of Psychiatry, College of Medicine.

    For those who realize life is incomplete without forgiveness, Apology offers guidance and inspiration. It is a lighthouse showing the way between shallow insincere efforts and true depths of healing, empowerment and moving forward. Well written and compelling, it is timely in the post 9/11 world.

  3. Deborah Marqui, LCSW, Psychotherapist

    Sheila Quinn Simpson reminds us that a individuals, couples, families, communities and as a nation, we have forgotten the redemptive power of a heartfelt apology. Her words are powerful and true. I would like to make this required reading for all my clients!

  4. -KT-

    “Apology…..What an excellent and powerful piece of work”


  5. L C

    Thank you for the wonderful book and for sharing your wonderful insight with us…and me!

  6. Steven Bush

    Convicting and inspiring.

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