About Friends on Purpose


Friends on Purpose began in 2006 when I wanted to create the kind of inspiring cards that I couldn’t find in stores. I met with two close friends, Joann Fury and Mary Backlund, to share my idea. The result became Friends on Purpose, in tribute to how we each try to live our life On Purpose to add positive action in our world, and also how we three purposely chose one another as trusted friends years ago.  Joann now devotes her time to other happy endeavors.

By combining my wordsmithing, and Mary Backlund’s whimsical unique artwork, our cards are designed with you in mind….to be used for any occasion…or no occasion at all. It has been a JOY to share them with orders from across the country.

My background includes an MA from Michigan State University, careers in speech therapy, hospice administration, roles in higher education at two universities and a University Center, and a variety of community service projects. I also wrote a book entitled Apology The Importance and Power of Saying “I’m sorry” and produced/narrated the CD version of Apology…..because the topic of Forgiveness always gets well deserved attention, yet the valuable topic of Apology never seemed to be explored. As a guest speaker on topics related to well-being, it has been an honor to meet people I never would have met, and to hear personal stories that were entrusted to my care.

Mary Backlund (known fondly as Maryb) is an exuberant, multi-talented, funny pal…. teacher, artist, facilitator for a variety of workshops, and delightful guest speaker. She authored two books of reflections, entitled Knowings and Knowing More, which continue to inspire others. She earned dual MA degrees in Education from Western Michigan University.

We are very grateful for our wonderful, thoughtful, dear husbands, and so many others, for their support of our efforts.

Thank you, too, for your time in checking out Friends on Purpose items, hopefully placing an order, and sharing our website and cards with your friends. May you feel uplifted when you see our designs and books, and perhaps be inspired to make your own dreams become a reality too… so that you live On Purpose.

Sheila Quinn Simpson